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Tough ladies: Aveline and Patience

Arctium Arctium



Dear George

I’m sorry*


* I’m not sorry

You never told me about your affair,
just put it under my nose to find out.
You never said you were leaving
until I asked where we were going from here.
You wanted out but took so long
that it was me severing the tie.
So tell me this, my former darling:
Is craven the word I’m looking for?

Setting the window for transparent, Shepard stares at the bright lights of night Vancouver, wondering how much time remains before the skies open to wreak destruction. He can still see the Sovereign’ monstrous shape blotting the sky, the bodies twitching on the dragon teeth. He can hear the cold machine voice of the Harbinger and feel that button under his finger that doomed the system of Aratoht.

Closing his eyes, he slowly massages his temples: his palms are slick with sweat. The memories of the Cipher are still clear in his mind, and he knows that whatever he has experienced, compared to the annihilation of the Protheans, it is nothing.

The high-rise buildings of Vancouver, with all their lights and shiny glass panes, will become deathtraps for all those inside and around; the whole city will – the distances of a few minutes will suddenly become insurmountable as the transport system will collapse, and so will water and energy supplies. Chaos and death will follow on an unimaginable scale.

He pours himself a glass of water to relieve his throat.

The incarceration is taking its toll: the constraint, the lack of physical activity, the constant self-control of his waking hours result in all sorts of dreams plaguing his sleep. They are rarely pleasant, and even these are unwelcome as waking up only makes his current situation and helplessness even more acute. Some are too pleasant, leaving embarrassing marks, and he just hopes that he doesn’t talk aloud from his sleep as he definitely doesn’t feel like explaining why he keeps having erotic dreams about an infamous criminal.

Mostly, he has nightmares, both old and new. He is thirsting again under the blazing sun of Akuze while the ground rumbles with the death approaching; he hears the screams among desperate gunshots and loses them all, one by one. He sees Kaidan, turning and waving one last time as he walks towards his death with the salarian commando, in the blinding white light consuming the Virmire facility. Ashley’s lips twist in mistrust and accusations among the emptied houses of Horizon, and the colonists’ bodies are dissolving while the huge metallic skeleton rises from the abyss and Thane runs towards swarming Collectors to meet the blaze tearing up the station.

In a way, the old ones are perhaps better than the newest additions.

"Fuck," he mutters, knowing he won’t be able to fall asleep for hours, and presses his hands to his eyes, to erase the image of Jack, tied to a Cerberus lab desk and being slowly dissected, screaming his name.

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